Thursday, June 03, 2004


Yeah, it's over now.

Time: 10:42 PM Wednesday time, 8:42 AM Thursday time

The 6-day week is too hard to do with just 2 people involved. If the world ran on a 6 day week, it would be a lot better, but it just can't work with 2 people. It's just too much to adapt to by yourself. If the sleeping scedules could be adapted to, it would be amazing, but unfortunately, at this junture in time, the 6-day week can't work. I feel guilty for believing it's 8:42. *sigh*

If I were playing by the rules, I'd be falling asleep right now. Wow.

Maybe we could try this again ovr the summer? Oh well.

This was posted by Shores:
I have come to the conclusion that the 28 hour day is impossible to do with just 2 people. Not because it's too hard for your body to adjust, but because you get bored and fall asleep. Thats happened to me the last two times I've tried to be up, and so therefore, I guess I'm basically done with the 6 day week for now. I'm excited to try it at a later date with more people if people are interested. yes it interferes with most day activities, but no, those activities aren't so important you can't miss them a bit and have some fun for a week. Well, I'm done for now, I'll cya all later.

Oh well. It should have been telling that one of you was eating shoes by the second day. Nice try, though. You know, for the longest time I was sleeping all day long, and waking up 'round about 6pm. Being in Indiana, I just told people I was on Australia time. "I'm not an insomniac," I'd have to tell people; "I just sleep at a different time than you."
Sign me up for the next try, preferrably later this month, or during the christmas break.
Hi guys, I got to your blog through B3ta, I hope that's not too weird for you.
Man, I wish I were cool enough to convince some friends of mine to do the 28 hour day thing, but I'm not, so you guys are my heros for now. No, really. This is awesome.
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