Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Post #2 of the 6-day week:

Time: 8:00 AM on Shoresday
I've found another great thing about this week: You can wake up at 11:30(realtime) and get away with saying that you woke up early. Yowza.

However, this week has, so far, proven one thing: that the sun's schedule is actually pretty useful. It tells you when to wake up and sleep. So THAT's what the sun's for.

It's pretty interesting, though, to see what goes on with your head when you're going on this kind of thing. I just had a dream with a bunch of crazy creatures were pulling at my head telling me to do with the drugs. Crazyiness by the kegful. Granted, the dream was probably caused by my massive binge-drinking last night and such and such, but that's beside the point.

So last night I went over to Shores' house and we started talking about the 6-day week in front of everybody else, and everybody wanted to join in, if they didn't have jobs or a life. Makes you ponder.

Anyhow, I'm under the watchful eye of Rob Manuel from b3ta in hopes that this blog might be put in their weekly newsletter, which is why I switched over to this account. Shores, if you want the username/password so you can update as well, give me an IM.


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