Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Ok, so let's talk 6-day week

originally posted on Sunday, May 30, 2:37 PM

Shores and I are starting something revolutionary, either that or incredibly ridiculous.

We're gonna have a 6-day week, each day consisting of 28 hours. The days don't correspond to the sun, so each day is different by when the sun rises and when it sets.

For example, on day 1, you would wake up as the sun rises, and fall asleep a few hours after the sun goes down. Pretty typical. However, on Day 4, you wake up as the sun sets and fall asleep as the sun's been out for a few hours. Really fucked up stuff here.

If you want to join, have any words of encouragement, discouragement, or if you just want to tell us we're complete morons for trying to pull this off, or maybe you want to help us name the 6 days(they're gonna get new names for each day) give us a comment.

PS, here's another weirdo day:
Day 5:
Wake up at the traditional midnight and fall asleep around the traditional 5:00 PM. Crazy, huh?

Absolutely love the DJ shirt. Since you seem to be slightly emberassed about the pic, maybe your willing to part with such a snazzy piece of attire? If not, oh well. Anyways bravo for taking on such a wild experiment. Cant wait to see the results if you try it again with more people.

When all else fails...........Use C-4.
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