Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Log #X of the 6-Day Week:

Time: 9:30PM Shoresday Time, 3:30AM Normal Time

Dag, this is starting to get tiring, and it's only the second day. I came home from Kathy's and then I realized that I had about 6 hours to do stuff until I had to go to bed. So, I asked for requests of ridiculous stuff to do and a couple people delivered, so here's a photophest:

1:This one I took right when I came home. I stole a couple of Dews from Kathy. Don't tell on me. Strangely enough, I haven't started one yet.
Image Hosted by

2:As per Patrick's request, I ate a shoe. Or at least tried to:
Image Hosted by

3:However, it was not the best shoe I've eaten. Ugh. I suggest flip flops more than scuba shoes:
Image Hosted by

4:So, then Becky IMed me and asked me to dress myself up in various costumes. So here's Pirate Austin:
Image Hosted by

5:Here's DJ Austin. I really hope this picture doesn't spread too much:
Image Hosted by

6:Here's Toga Austin. I really hope this picture spreads around a lot, because I look sexy as a bitch in this:
Image Hosted by

7:After all that, I read for awhile, watched some TV, and surfed the intraweb for a bit. Here's how I look now:
Image Hosted by
It's like insomnia, but we're forcing it.

Shores said that he was gonna go until midnight(7:00 AM Normal Time), but I can't deal with that, so I'm just staying up until 10:30 (4:30 Normal Time). I wonder how he's holding up?


Thanks goes out to imageshack, which hosted this shoresday fiasco.

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