Thursday, June 03, 2004


Yeah, it's over now.

Time: 10:42 PM Wednesday time, 8:42 AM Thursday time

The 6-day week is too hard to do with just 2 people involved. If the world ran on a 6 day week, it would be a lot better, but it just can't work with 2 people. It's just too much to adapt to by yourself. If the sleeping scedules could be adapted to, it would be amazing, but unfortunately, at this junture in time, the 6-day week can't work. I feel guilty for believing it's 8:42. *sigh*

If I were playing by the rules, I'd be falling asleep right now. Wow.

Maybe we could try this again ovr the summer? Oh well.

This was posted by Shores:
I have come to the conclusion that the 28 hour day is impossible to do with just 2 people. Not because it's too hard for your body to adjust, but because you get bored and fall asleep. Thats happened to me the last two times I've tried to be up, and so therefore, I guess I'm basically done with the 6 day week for now. I'm excited to try it at a later date with more people if people are interested. yes it interferes with most day activities, but no, those activities aren't so important you can't miss them a bit and have some fun for a week. Well, I'm done for now, I'll cya all later.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


This does not look good for the homestar runner.

Time:4:41 AM Wednesday(28-hour) time, 12:41 Wednesday(24-hour) time

I've spotted a very big flaw with the what we're doing: Humans are only used to a certain # of hours they sleep at night. For me, it's around 8-10 hours. The amount of time in a normal day from, say 11:00 PM-9:00 AM, would be 10 hours. However, the amount of time in a 28-hour day from 11:00 PM-9:00 AM would be 12 hours. What I'm basically saying is "imagine yourself waking up at 4:00AM but you can't sleep anymore) Way past my normal sleep schedule. So there are two solutions, both harsh:

Everybody keeps their sleep schedule, but must adapt to the new, harsh, schedule of waking up around 4 AM. This is good because we get more out of a day, but it's bad because we'll be going on a longer day with less sleep in our systems.

The other alternative would be to sleep for 12-14 hours a day. This is good because you are getting the amount of sleep you need (considering the day itself is longer, so you need more energy to face the day), but it's bad because you're wasting a lot more time on stuff you should be doing.

Although one major advantage has struck in: I can wake up at noon and get away with it. In fact, I woke up early today! Suckas!!



Log #X of the 6-Day Week:

Time: 9:30PM Shoresday Time, 3:30AM Normal Time

Dag, this is starting to get tiring, and it's only the second day. I came home from Kathy's and then I realized that I had about 6 hours to do stuff until I had to go to bed. So, I asked for requests of ridiculous stuff to do and a couple people delivered, so here's a photophest:

1:This one I took right when I came home. I stole a couple of Dews from Kathy. Don't tell on me. Strangely enough, I haven't started one yet.
Image Hosted by

2:As per Patrick's request, I ate a shoe. Or at least tried to:
Image Hosted by

3:However, it was not the best shoe I've eaten. Ugh. I suggest flip flops more than scuba shoes:
Image Hosted by

4:So, then Becky IMed me and asked me to dress myself up in various costumes. So here's Pirate Austin:
Image Hosted by

5:Here's DJ Austin. I really hope this picture doesn't spread too much:
Image Hosted by

6:Here's Toga Austin. I really hope this picture spreads around a lot, because I look sexy as a bitch in this:
Image Hosted by

7:After all that, I read for awhile, watched some TV, and surfed the intraweb for a bit. Here's how I look now:
Image Hosted by
It's like insomnia, but we're forcing it.

Shores said that he was gonna go until midnight(7:00 AM Normal Time), but I can't deal with that, so I'm just staying up until 10:30 (4:30 Normal Time). I wonder how he's holding up?


Thanks goes out to imageshack, which hosted this shoresday fiasco.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Post #2 of the 6-day week:

Time: 8:00 AM on Shoresday
I've found another great thing about this week: You can wake up at 11:30(realtime) and get away with saying that you woke up early. Yowza.

However, this week has, so far, proven one thing: that the sun's schedule is actually pretty useful. It tells you when to wake up and sleep. So THAT's what the sun's for.

It's pretty interesting, though, to see what goes on with your head when you're going on this kind of thing. I just had a dream with a bunch of crazy creatures were pulling at my head telling me to do with the drugs. Crazyiness by the kegful. Granted, the dream was probably caused by my massive binge-drinking last night and such and such, but that's beside the point.

So last night I went over to Shores' house and we started talking about the 6-day week in front of everybody else, and everybody wanted to join in, if they didn't have jobs or a life. Makes you ponder.

Anyhow, I'm under the watchful eye of Rob Manuel from b3ta in hopes that this blog might be put in their weekly newsletter, which is why I switched over to this account. Shores, if you want the username/password so you can update as well, give me an IM.



Log #1 of the 6-day week:

Originally posted on Monday, May 31 at 3:49 PM
Time: 1:44 PM on Moonbeam:

Today, so far, has been about the same. I woke up around 11:00 AM Moonbeam (which, coincidentally, is the same as 11:00 AM Monday time), then picked up my mom and went to Margaret's graduation thing. Today is the best day mainly because it's almost exactly like a normal day, but it ends at 2:00 AM realtime Tuesday.

BTW, we named the days:
Day 1: Moonbeam (no explantion, just randomness)
Day 2: Shoresday (we're narcissistic)
Day 3: hmmmm... (did we do this?)
Day 4: Emo (because it's completely enveloped by darkness)
Day 5: Abramsday (see Shoresday)
Day 6:Theoday (because it's basically Sunday)

Shores, did we name day 3? Maybe we should just leave it "hmmm..." if we haven't already.

Anyway, see ya'lls.


Ok, so let's talk 6-day week

originally posted on Sunday, May 30, 2:37 PM

Shores and I are starting something revolutionary, either that or incredibly ridiculous.

We're gonna have a 6-day week, each day consisting of 28 hours. The days don't correspond to the sun, so each day is different by when the sun rises and when it sets.

For example, on day 1, you would wake up as the sun rises, and fall asleep a few hours after the sun goes down. Pretty typical. However, on Day 4, you wake up as the sun sets and fall asleep as the sun's been out for a few hours. Really fucked up stuff here.

If you want to join, have any words of encouragement, discouragement, or if you just want to tell us we're complete morons for trying to pull this off, or maybe you want to help us name the 6 days(they're gonna get new names for each day) give us a comment.

PS, here's another weirdo day:
Day 5:
Wake up at the traditional midnight and fall asleep around the traditional 5:00 PM. Crazy, huh?

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